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Soul Mates


If you have found a smile, that is the sweetest one you've known

If you have heard within a voice, the echos of your own voice

If you have felt a touch, that stires the longings of your own heart

and you can still feel that loseness in themoments you're apart

If you have filled wiht wonder at the way two lives can blend,

to weave a perfect pattern, that is seamless, end to end,

If you believe some things in life are simply meant to be,

Then you have found your soul mate,

your heart's own destiny



Holly Newhouse is one of my new favorite authors! Her books just draw me right into the world she had created and I never want to leave it.

Maryann Housenaur on Twin Souls Trilogy: Love for an Eternity


I read Holly's book from beginning to end without stopping. I now understand, why I've had the

blessing to be introduced to this very brave,courageous woman. Holly, you are a true inspiration

and show me that perseverance and love will always win. I love you girl. So much of your story

matches my own that I feel so much more closer to you.

Jennifer Wadell on Journey to Hell and Back: Surviving a Life of Violence


" This true story had my jaw dropping more than once. This writer holds nothing back, and she doesn’t sugar-coat anything. This author has willingly left herself raw and exposed on many different levels at many different stages of her life. She puts you “right there” next to her, and you can feel everything she’s going through. This is an amazing story written by an equally amazing woman."

Josephine Harwood on Journey to Hell and Back: Surviving a Life of Violence


I absolutely loved the Final Goodbye! I  ran a roller coaster of emotions while reading the book. I cried like a baby at the end. Cannot wait to read more of Miss Newhouse's Books!!!

April Lyon on The Final Goodbye


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